Jill's Nude Romp as Jester, 1978
Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 10:20 AM

In 1978 I was employed as an electronic music engineer at Mike Matthew's ElectroHarmonix on 23rd Street in Manhattan, New York City. Any resemblance between the characters in the following fictional piece and real people is an accident.

The film begins millions of years in the future, when there are about 1,000 people remaining. They are not quite immortal, dress in various '50s clothing styles, and spend 23 hours per day cooperating in one very large dance which when viewed from overhead represents a succession of collective super-mathematical thoughts. During this thought dance they calculate that TRUE immortality is not quite possible due to a SINGULARITY (or black hole in time itself) which can be resolved only by sending Paul Staff back in time to 1984, to join with the Immortality Research Project of the billion dollar company, ElectroHarmonix. His job is to resolve the singularity in cooperation with Howie Davis, Ellis Cooper, and Flo, the chief scientists in the project.

When the problem is finally solved, after several near catasrophes on the production line, the suicide of Gwen after a tragic love affair with Cano, and the final electronic music blowout directed by Kenny, Ellis goes to Paul Staff to ask if he may go back to the future with him. Paul rejects Ellis because, he says, "Ellis' mind is sterile." Whereupon Ellis leaps to tear Paul's throat open, only to be reduced to a pile of quivering headache induced by a wave of Paul's hand.

In the final scene, after all has been resolved, and Mike is happy to have become the first 1984 person to be made Immortal, he is walking down the street with his friend Joe, talking excitedly, gesticulating wildy, and accidentally gets hit and killed by a Moped driven by Gosia.

Throughout the film "Immortality" is a metaphor for higher consciousness.